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Deafness and Academia

A conversation with Wangari Joyce Ngugi

Published onMay 23, 2022
Deafness and Academia
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Following up on our previous episode with Joyce Wangari Nugi, in which we talked about Holistic wellness and mental health in research careers, this episode is about Wangari’s work for the deaf community and deafness in academia.

We are joined by N’kadziri Aminah Idd, who facilitates sign language interpretation throughout our conversation (see the video below).

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N’kadziri Idd, is a dedicated professional sign language interpreter, consultant on disability issues and a lawyer.

Co-founder of ASCPAs a CBO that advocates for the rights of children and youth with Disability. She believes in changing the world by identifying early one’s identity so as to inform your destiny. She has extensive experience as a sign language interpreter in the legal system, advocacy programs and in the education sector.

As a highly motivated advocate for PWDs especially the Deaf, she has a proven track record of providing consultancy in sign language as well as expert advocacy and research on matters affecting and enhancing the life of the Deaf.

Her strong drive in uplifting and empowering PWDs is rooted in the fact that she is born by a Deaf parent (CODA). This developed the urge and personal conviction on the long-life building of social change through equity and justice.

N’kadziri Idd

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Deaf Mental Health

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