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The ROSiE General Guidelines on Responsible Open Science

A conversation with Rosemarie Bernabe about Open Science related Ethics and Integrity

Published onMar 28, 2024
The ROSiE General Guidelines on Responsible Open Science

Rosemarie Bernabe is a Professor of research ethics and research integrity at the University of Oslo; and an adjunct professor of medical research ethics at the University of South-Eastern Norway. With her expertise and leadership, she is dedicated to advancing research ethics and integrity in various contexts and serves as the project coordinator of several initiatives, including:

  • Responsible Open Science in Europe project (ROSiE)

  • Beyond Bad Apples: Towards a Behavioural and Evidence-Based Approach to Promote Research Ethics and Research Integrity in Europe (BEYOND)

  • The Equitable, Inclusive, and Human-Centered XR Project (XR4Human)

  • Improving Post-Trial Access in Africa (AccessAfrica)

  • Strengthening Clinical Trial Regulatory and Ethical Review Oversight in East Africa (AccessAfrica2;

  • Developing national and global agendas for the ethics of post-trial arrangements in LMICs during pandemics/epidemics (Pandemic Ethics)

  • Ethics in Research and Clinical Practice (ETHIMED)

Rosemarie is our guest on this podcast episode and she joins Jo to discuss her involvement in the ROSiE project, her background in research ethics and integrity, the complexities of open science, and the importance of citizen science.

They emphasized the broad applicability of citizen science while recognizing the need for careful consideration and equitable inclusion of diverse stakeholders in research projects.

Listen here:

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Rosemarie Bernabe’s online profiles

ORCID: 0000-0002-4999-3117
LinkedIn: /rosemariebernabe/
ResearchGate: /Rosemarie-Bernabe

University of Oslo: /helsam/english/people/aca/rdbernab/index.html
University of South-Eastern Norway: /rosemarie-de-la-cruz-bernabe-article228856-7531.html

What is your favorite animal and why? A lot, really. Aside from dogs and cats, I also love rats, rabbits, and several others. 

Fostering responsible Open Science in Europe

ROSiE is a three-year project funded by HORIZON2020. Its mission is to co-create with all related stakeholders novel practical tools to foster a responsible open science and citizen science.

ROSiE Website:
Zenodo Community


  • General Guidelines on Responsible Open Science

  • Field-specific Guidelines on Responsible Open Science


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