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Co-Creation as a new approach for self-exploration and teamwork

A conversation with Rike Bucher

Published onMar 30, 2022
Co-Creation as a new approach for self-exploration and teamwork

Rike Bucher is the founder of Coachissima. In your coaching for personal professionalization YourWildNature, you will discover your natural creativity and your magic language. She worked in advertising agencies for 15 years and has been a freelance coach for 17 years. Rike invented the Co-Creation-Code© and sees the real power of transformation in the sensitive connection of people.

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Rike Bucher – Conscious Coaching and CoCreation
Contact: [email protected]
LinkedIn: /rike-bucher-coachissima
Offers: // Target audience: intuitive empaths

Coaching al mare, Rike Bucher, 2022

As an intuitive business and conscious coach, I selected creativity and co-creation as my key themes. I use my intuitive empathy to ensure that my clients can live and work more authentically and are fulfilled and happier as a result. The consciousness they gain for themselves allows them to be more attentive and cordial with others. Most important in this process is that you will find your intuition, which will guide you in a healthy and effective way to work out whatever wants to come into the world through you.

Rike Bucher, Journalist, Life- and Innovation-Coach, Supervisor (DGSv certified)

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CoCreation as a new concept: a workshop offer

Photo credit: Rike Bucher // Trapani, Sicily

The slogan I like most:The future is not someplace we’re going to, but an idea in our mind now. It is something we’re creating, that in turn, creates us. The future is a fantasy that shapes our present.” by Stephen Grosz, The Examined Life: how we lose and find ourselves


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