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How to foster and uphold research rigor as a scholarly publisher

A conversation with Rebecca Lawrence about the beginnings and next ten years of F1000

Published onAug 10, 2023
How to foster and uphold research rigor as a scholarly publisher

Rebecca Lawrence is the Managing Director of the publishing solutions and services provider F1000. She joins Jo on this podcast to discuss her journey from a pharmaceutical background to running F1000, a unique publishing platform. The conversation explores the evolving landscape of scholarly communication and efforts to improve transparency and efficiency in the peer review process. They talk about the challenges of shifting traditional publishing norms, including encouraging data sharing, open peer review, and ensuring quality assurance. Rebecca highlights partnerships with research funders and their role in promoting new publishing models. They touch on the value of collaborative peer review and open discussions around research findings.

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Rebecca was responsible for the launch of F1000Research in 2013 and has subsequently led the initiative behind the launches of many funder- and institution-based publishing platforms partnering with the European Commission, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Wellcome and others, that aim to provide a new trajectory in the way scientific findings and data are communicated.

She was a member of the European Commission’s Open Science Policy Platform, chairing their work on next-generation indicators and their summary advice: OSPP-REC, and was Editor of their final report. She was also a member of the US National Academies (NASEM) Committee on Advanced and Automated Workflows. She has been co-chair of many working groups on data and peer review, including for Research Data Alliance (RDA) and ORCID. She is a Steering Committee member of DORA (San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment) and a Board Member of Open Research Central (ORC). She has worked in STM publishing for over 20 years, is an Associate of the Royal College of Music, qualified as a pharmacist, and holds a PhD in Pharmacology.

Twitter/X: @rnl_s; @f1000
LinkedIn: /rebecca-lawrence-7327873/

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