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Venomous snakes and the war in Sudan

A conversation with Rania Baleela

Published onFeb 29, 2024
Venomous snakes and the war in Sudan

Rania Baleela has been a dedicated Open Science and Open Access trainer since 2012. Rania is the Founder of the first Sudanese institutional repository (OASCIR), a platform for openly sharing research. As the EIFL Open Access Country Coordinator, she has played a key role in advancing open access in Sudan and has trained librarians in this area. Rania is also the Founding Director of the Toxic Organisms Research Centre at the University of Khartoum. Her Ph.D. is in Infectious Diseases and Tropical Medicine. Rania is deeply committed to promoting transparency and collaboration in research, and her work has had a significant impact on the research community.

She joins Jo on this podcast episode to discuss how she is using her expertise as a biologist to save the people in Sudan from dying from snake bites and scorpions stings. They also talked about the effects of the war in Sudan on the Sudanese people.

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