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Improving our quality of life to make an impact

A conversation with Natasha Martinoska

Published onDec 16, 2022
Improving our quality of life to make an impact

Natasha Martinoska loves coaching people to open their hearts, discover their true identity and potential, build strong self-confidence, take their place, and find their drive to play a bigger game without hesitation.

She has always been interested in what makes people really successful and truly happy. For a long time in her early life, she thought that this means a good education, a good job, a good salary, and a high status. Since she's educated in a culture (in Macedonia, a little country in the South of Europe) where the social control is very high and belonging to the family and the group is very important, as well as the success symbols from outside, she became very good at fulfilling people’s expectations and achieving those symbols (good education, good salary, high status, respected job…) to feel worthy of love.

She discusses with Jo about her career and her journey into becoming a coach.

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After her university degree (in Economics) she started working for a huge international bank that just started its operations in Macedonia from scratch. She worked 24/7 and was fully devoted to her job, which brought her management functions. Then she thought she was happy and successful since she got a lot of acknowledgment and admiration from outside. But, as she grew further in the hierarchy of the bank, she noticed that the management ruled top-down, based on fear, pressure, humiliation, and threats. Then she felt deeply that these are not her values. These are not her ways of living and communicating. There has to be something more to life.

Fortunately, she has found the strength, confidence, and courage in herself to transform this fear and pressure from above into love, true understanding, and warm support for her employees. Because she believes in love, respect, justice, true service, and the good in people. As her team felt supported and encouraged, they became very successful, achieving consequently the business plans with more than 100%. Then she became aware that she wanted to contribute to a greater purpose in her life and make a higher impact in the world. But she didn’t know how yet.

Her answer came through the love of her life. After years without a relationship, she longed for a man who has a big heart for people and has the qualities in him that suit her character and soul.

In 2007 she met her Dutch husband Ton Creemers. A brilliant man with unique psychological knowledge. He was already an experienced Senior Coach and Business Advisor who guided people and organizations in all aspects of human development. Ton was able to put into words what she already automatically did in her way of guiding people in her work. Their frequencies matched immediately. And they fell in love.

It took her 2 years to gather the courage to decide to give up the life she had built up, to choose for the love she felt for, Ton, and to start completely from scratch together with him in The Netherlands. 

During this time she discovered the power of coaching. She had an epiphany. By witnessing the transformations of their clients and the strength and the possibilities which were released as a result, she knew: that coaching was her thing. This was her mission.

Since then she committed to immersing herself in absolutely everything that had to do with cleaning up the obstacles which are hindering personal growth and helping people to fully take their place and spread their wings wide open. 

She worked with Ton shoulder to shoulder for 7 years. During this time, she learned the psychological background of peoples’ characters, behaviors, and ways of communication as well as which patterns hinder their human development, how to let go of the things which don’t serve them, and how to learn new behaviors and implement structures that promote true happiness, progress, and joy in life. Ton helped also to understand the spiritual laws of life (to which she unconsciously tried to live by),  how these work, and how to implement them on a much deeper level in her life.

In 2014, she started for herself. Since then she has committed to dedicating the rest of her professional life to helping people who unconsciously keep themselves small to close their energy leaks, overcome inner conflicts, discover their true identity and embrace their greatness so that they can win at their life and bring out the best of their potential, relationships and work. Because no one has to hold back!


"You have talents and qualities within you that you need to develop and put into service to others and the world. Then you serve yourself, your family, and your environment at your best. If you fail to find your sphere of usefulness, that will lead to frustrations, ailments, and failure to succeed in other aspects of life. At least, not to the fullest of what you are capable of accomplishing. But if you embrace your talents with all your heart, then you’ll become unstoppable! If you dare to open up and truly connect to your heart, then you will rise to the top! And all your relationships will flourish." -  Natasha Martinoska

Which researcher – dead or alive – do you find inspiring? 

Tony Robbins is one of my role-models. He is helping millions around the world to create their best life. He is multitalented, as a coach, speaker, presenter, author and has a lasting happy relationship with his beautiful wife Sage.

My husband Ton Creemers is also an inspiration to me. He is a senior coach, psychologist and business consultant who has the gift to analyze people in their character as no other on the planet. Only by hearing their name and surname he picks up the energy of the person and can translate it into 14 character values, for example: the magic talent, the quality of development at this stage of life, the stress level, the sales capacity, the inner needs, the role models, the purpose in life and the destiny of the person. 

He is also capable of explaining the click between people (the non-verbal energy exchange between people), whether this is positive, negative or neutral and how to change it into positive when needed. I learned most of my psychological and spiritual knowledge from him. 

Oprah is also my great role-model for everything she represents as a successful woman and also as a spiritual teacher and philanthropist. 

What is your favorite animal and why? 

I love nature, the plants, especially flowers and all the animals. They all have unique qualities. I love birds because they fly so high and give me that feeling of freedom. I love swans also (they are so elegant and dignified) and eagles (they always fly alone and are strong, powerful and super sharp). I love deers also because they symbolize spiritual authority, awareness of surroundings, gentleness, unconditional love, regeneration, instincts, intuition, speed, agility, grace, gentleness, and devotion.

If I have to choose, I’ll choose the deers.

A deer

Name your (current) favorite song and interpret/group/musician/artist.

At the moment I listen mostly to the baha’i songs which has to do with my baha’i background. These songs are sung mostly about love to mankind, unity, spiritual laws, prayers and love for God. They help me to meditate and feel that connection with the Creator and my purpose here on Earth. 

From the current artists in the world I admire Jennifer Lopez for example, because she is so multi-talented, hard-woking and has been successful for years in a very difficult industry. 

I love the songs of Celine Dion as well. Whiney Houston was also a great artist I admired.

Whitney Houston - I Will Always Love You (Official 4K Video)
Céline Dion - The Power of Love (Taking Chances World Tour: The Concert)

I am listening  from time to time to the shows America got talent and Britain got talent since I love seeing how ordinary people are being discovered and have been given the chance to shine & manifest their talents. 

What is your favorite dish/meal? 

Filled peppers with rice and vegetables. Love healthy cooking and healthy lifestyle.

Natasha Martinoska and her husband

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