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Swedish [open] scholarship and Chili Peppers

A conversation with Nadja Neumann

Published onMar 21, 2022
Swedish [open] scholarship and Chili Peppers

Nadja Neumann tells us about her journey from molecular biologist to research advisor and podcast host. With a PhD in Molecular Biology and a strong commitment to scholarly communication and open science, Nadja is keen to find ways to bridge the gap between the research community and other stakeholders to create an open, equitable, and efficient exchange of knowledge. Currently living her passion by working with research support at Karlstad University, Nadja’s areas of expertise are strategic publishing, bibliometrics, data management, and scholarly communication. In the podcast Forskningspodden, Nadja and colleagues interview Ph.D. students about their research projects; sometimes in Swedish sometimes in English.

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ORCID iD: 0000-0002-7178-1823


Twitter: @kaubibl

Instagram: karlstadsuniversitetsbibliotek

Linkedin: nadja-neumann-8766711/ 

Nadja Neumann, ice-skating on Lake Vanern

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