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Leaving academia and staying connected

A conversation with Mimi Zhou

Published onMay 03, 2022
Leaving academia and staying connected

Dr. Mimi Zhou is a conversion copywriter who works with coaches and service providers to unleash the full impact of their words. Clients love that she can swiftly see the missing pieces in their messaging and copy and impeccably fill them in to bring their vision to life. By nailing their messaging and copy, Mimi supports her clients in leveraging their revenue in less time.

Mimi’s path to becoming a copywriter began when she snuck into a personal finance class at 22. This class opened her eyes to the empowerment that comes along with knowing how to manage your own money. She believes that all women deserve to make their own money and uses her copywriting skills to help female business owners do exactly that.

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Photo credit: Mimi Zhou (portrait); photographer: Darcy Rogers


Twitter: mimithezhou 

Linkedin: /mimizhou/ 

Instagram: /mimithezhou/ (These days, I’m most active on IG

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