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Building communities and collaborations using socio-technical systems

A conversation with Laure Haak

Published onFeb 04, 2022
Building communities and collaborations using socio-technical systems

Laure shares steps in her career including her contributions to ORCID as founding executive director that led her towards building the Mighty Red Barn consultancy. We explore the purpose and role of [open] scholarship and respectful community building as well as collaboration in engaging with societal challenges.

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Cite as: Haak, Laurel; Havemann, Johanna (2022): Building communities and collaborations using socio-technical systems. figshare. Media.

Laure Haak

ORCID iD: 0000-0001-5109-3700 
Ronin Institute affiliation: /research-scholars/laurel-haak/
Wikipedia: /wiki/Laurel_Haak  
Linkedin: /in/laurellhaak/ 
Twitter: @HaakYak
SCORE Mentor:

Laure Haak (she/her) is an entrepreneur, strategist, researcher, and author. She enjoys working with communities to weave compelling stories and create collaborative spaces that inspire sharing, trust, and transparency. As founder and CEO of Mighty Red Barn, her practice areas are socio-tech entrepreneurship, research infrastructure, nonprofit governance, decision frameworks, and product strategy.  
Her work draws on diverse experiences – workplace, sector, community, travel – including service as founding Executive Director of ORCID, leadership roles at Thomson ReutersThe US National Academies, and Science Magazine; as well as volunteer service on nonprofit Boards and as a SCORE small business mentor. 
Laure is the recipient of the NIH Director’s Award and the Vietsch Medal of Honour. She has a BS and MS in Biology and PhD in Neuroscience from Stanford University and did postdoctoral work at the US National Institutes of Health.

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Selected research articles

Board Service (active)

  • Cohort Sistas – a digital nonprofit that supports Black women pursuing doctoral degrees by providing resources, mentorship, and community.

  • Open Research Central – To foster the re-imagination of the research dissemination system to facilitate trust, collaboration, and transparency through setting norms and standards.

  • Phoenix Bioinformatics – Develop an economically and technologically sustainable business model and platform that provides the resources to allow scientific databases to persist, grow, and prosper.

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