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Reflections on Research Integrity

A conversation with Jigisha Patel

Published onApr 24, 2024
Reflections on Research Integrity

Formerly a medical doctor, clinical researcher and medical journal editor, Jigisha Patel is an independent research integrity specialist and founder of Jigisha Patel Research Integrity Limited.

She has extensive experience of a wide range of research integrity issues in publishing, including the investigation and management of complex cases such as peer review manipulation and paper mills.

Jigisha joins Jo on this podcast episode to discuss the importance of research integrity, including honesty, transparency, and accountability in scholarly publishing. They explored common integrity issues like plagiarism and authorship disputes, emphasizing the responsibility and accountability of authors. They also pointed out that editors have the authority to reject papers based on moral concerns, but transparent journal policies are essential to uphold ethical standards.

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Jigisha now uses her experience to help journals and publishers to adhere to best practices, prevent and manage research misconduct. She also provides a variety of training for journal editors, publishers and institutions on research integrity, including a CDP-certified course on research integrity strategy.

She is an independent elected member of COPE Council and Senior Associate Affiliate with Maverick Publishing Specialists.


Twitter:  @jigishapatel_ri

Linkedin: /in/jigishapatelresearchintegrity/

Which researcher – dead or alive – do you find inspiring? - There is no one researcher. I have a huge amount of admiration for history’s unrecognized female scientists for the contributions they made to our understanding of the world across all fields from economics, physics, mathematics, chemistry, biology, botany, computer science and many more. They pursued their curiosity and desire to understand and make the world a better place despite immense obstacles and barriers. 

What is your favorite dish/meal? –  Anything my mother used to cook.


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