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“Yes, I had a mental health condition. Get over it, I did!”

A conversation with Hendrik Huthoff (part 2)

Published onNov 09, 2022
“Yes, I had a mental health condition. Get over it, I did!”

At the Jena University School for Microbial Communication in Germany, Hendrik Huthoff is responsible for the post-graduate life science and soft skills training. He leads several initiatives to improve mental health and wellbeing support in academia and coordinates the Mental Health First Aid programme.

In our first conversation with him, Hendrik and Jo talk here about how people who obviously struggle with mental health challenges can be approached to make it easy for them to accept the support and develop strategies to recovery.

Hendrik returns to this podcast to share with Jo what people with mental health conditions can do to get out of their situation.

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Hendrik Huthoff


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