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AfricaOSH and the Maker Movement

A conversation with Frank Landon Bentum

Published onOct 14, 2022
AfricaOSH and the Maker Movement

Frank is an open science enthusiast and is currently the executive manager for Africa Open Science Hardware (AfricaOSH), a community of makers, hackers, practitioners, and researchers in science and technology, dedicated to promoting open science in Africa. He is passionate about using locally adaptable technologies to foster economic growth in Africa. Together with the Gathering for Open Science Hardware (GOSH), Frank aims to ensure the free availability and accessibility of knowledge, technology, and hardware in Africa.

Personal profiles


Twitter: @landonbentum

Linkedin: Frank Bentum

Which researcher – dead or alive – do you find inspiring? 

Dr. Sylvester Krakue - My college french professor who has a way of making you believe in yourself. He taught me so much about research.

Name your (current) favorite song and interpret/group/musician/artist. 

La vie en Rose - by Edith Piaf and also the Louis Amstrong rendition. The song talks about a woman happily in love. I fell in love with how Edith expresses her emotions to her lover. 

Photo Credit : Bouhari Labekoua

What is your favorite animal and why? 

Puppies. They are so cute :)

What is your favorite dish/meal? 

Riceballs and Groundnut soup

Photo Credit : Frank Bentum

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