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Signals to protect Research Integrity

A conversation with Elliot Lumb about research integrity

Published onJan 26, 2024
Signals to protect Research Integrity

Elliott Lumb is the co-creator of Signals, a product that helps to promote research and publication integrity.

In 2018, Elliott completed a PhD in medicinal chemistry at Monash University and the University of Nottingham. Following this, he held several roles at Frontiers, including a role within the Strategy and Planning team.

In 2021 Elliott launched PeerRef, a journal-independent peer review platform. Elliott is also a consultant, helping publishers to grow and optimize their Open Access business.

He joins Jo on this podcast episode to further discuss how Signals work.

Listen here:

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Linkedin: /in/elliott-lumb/

Twitter/X: @researchsignals

About Signals

Signals helps researchers, journal editors, and research integrity professionals to identify and prevent publication fraud by enabling them to gauge the legitimacy of a research article. We do this by surfacing robust insights about the authors from article metadata. Learn more.

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