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Behind the scenes: How this podcast is coming on air

A conversation with Ebuka Ezeike, the podcast process manager and editor.

Published onJul 11, 2023
Behind the scenes: How this podcast is coming on air

In this podcast episode, Ebuka Ezeike shares his insights and experience working as a freelance editor and podcast producer for clients such as Access 2 Perspectives and Africarxiv. He talks about the challenges and rewards of working in this capacity and shares his plans for the future, which include teaching others about podcasting and building his own tech company.

The conversation also delves into the process of podcasting and the scholarly world, with a focus on the importance of open access and open science. Ebuka highlights the positive impact that open access and open science can have on society and how they are helping to make scholarly materials more accessible to the public.

Throughout the discussion, Ebuka emphasizes the importance of professionalism and organization in his work. He shares his observations on how professionals in the scholarly world approach their work with a high level of organization and dedication, and how he strives to emulate this in his own work.

Overall, this podcast episode offers valuable insights into the world of podcasting, freelance work, and the scholarly world. It highlights the importance of staying true to one's values while pursuing one's goals and emphasizes the benefits of open access and open science in the academic and scientific communities.

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Faze - Need Somebody

Need Somebody - Faze

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