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Open Science & Goats

A conversation with Christian Nawroth

Published onMar 31, 2022
Open Science & Goats

Christian stares at goats to better understand how they perceive their physical and social environment. His main research interests focus on animal cognition (in particular farm animals), applied ethology, and animal welfare. He is engaged in activities to increase the accessibility and dissemination of research via Open Science and SciComm.
In our conversation, Christian tells us why he chose goats to work with for his research, what Open Science means to him and how Open Science practices facilitate and influence his research progress. He explains to us the concept of 3R (Replace, Reduce, Refine) and how it can apply to experiments with goats as well as any other animal research.

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What is your favorite animal? Goats!
Name your (current) favorite song and interpret/group. Janosch
What is your favorite dish/meal? Currently, mushroom risotto

Christian with goats © FBN/Nordlicht

Dwarf goats at the Research Institute for Farm Animal Biology © FBN/Nordlicht


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Artist unknown.

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