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Lanfrica – the hub for African language resources

A conversation with Chris Emezue

Published onSep 17, 2022
Lanfrica – the hub for African language resources

Chris Emezue is a researcher and the founder of Lanfrica, an online resource centre that catalogues, archives and links African language resources in order to mitigate the difficulty encountered in discovering African works. He shares the vision and achievements of Lanfrica with Jo on this podcast.

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Chris Emezue’s research areas of interest include machine/deep learning, reinforcement learning (for games and neural machine translation), natural language processing (speech and language processing). Chris is also a Machine Learning Researcher in NLP. As an African NLP researcher, he is working to promote African languages in Speech and Language Processing.

He spends his time between studying, doing research on structure learning/ causal inference at the Mila Quebec AI Institute, ML advocacy at Hugging Face, AfricaNLP research with Masakhane and improving Lanfrica. 

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