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Open Infrastructure and Open Knowledge Cultures

A conversation with Catherine Ahearn about the hand-in-hand development of open infrastructure and a culture around open knowledge

Published onFeb 18, 2023
Open Infrastructure and Open Knowledge Cultures

Catherine Ahearn (ORCID iD: 0000-0003-3101-6382) is the head of content at Knowledge Futures, a nonprofit building open-source infrastructure for a more effective, equitable, and sustainable knowledge economy. She earned her PhD from Boston University’s Editorial Institute in 2017 and a BA in Literary Studies and Sociology from Middlebury College in 2011. She lives in Cambridge, MA with her husband and dog.

She joins Jo to discuss Open Infrastructure and Open Knowledge Cultures.

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As the head of content at Knowledge Futures, I often think that part of my job is to nurture some of the cultural shifts necessary for open tools and platforms to succeed and take hold. Just because we build something, doesn't mean people will come. So what can we do not only to build bridges but also to help groups lead in telling us what they want. It's a tricky balance! - Catherine Ahearn

Twitter: @Publicreations 

Catherine Ahearn

What is your favorite animal and why? This is hard to answer because I'm totally obsessed with my dog, a 3-year-old Italian Spinone named Tilde (yes, named for the punctuation mark ~). But if I had to pick from the broader animal kingdom, I think I'd say Hippos. They're such interesting, strange, hybrid creatures that are somehow both very silly and extremely dangerous. There's something about that that I like a lot!

What is your favorite dish/meal? Hamburger with French fries

Hamburger with French fries

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