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Multilingualism and translation as publishing services for researchers

A conversation with Avi Staiman

Published onSep 04, 2022
Multilingualism and translation as publishing services for researchers

Multilingualism is a skill that most researchers have in international research consortia and groups and also need in order to be able to disseminate their findings through scholarly publishing. However, the difficulties in learning another language and deficiencies like grammar and spelling issues often cause challenges and backlashes to non-English native speakers commonly referred to as ‘linguistic discrimination‘. Avi Staiman and Jo share some of their experiences and observations made, as well as resources and best practices to foster a global and multilingual research environment. They also talk about translation and editing as external services, publication success, and closing the gap between authors and scholarly publishers.

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Avi Staiman is the founder and CEO of Academic Language Experts, a company dedicated to assisting academic scholars to prepare their research for publication and bring it to the world. He also is the ​co-host of the New Books Network ‘Scholarly Communication’ Podcast. Avi has been a guest lecturer at NYU’s Master’s Program in Translation & Interpreting, The University of Tokyo, and Bar Ilan University. His essays have appeared in the Cambridge University Press Blog, Scholarly Kitchen, Multilingual, and Times Higher Education.


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