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Being a researcher in a foreign country

A conversation with Ana Bergholz

Published onFeb 18, 2023
Being a researcher in a foreign country

Ana Bergholz was born in Chile and after finishing her bachelor`s studies and gaining some experience in academia at the University of Valparaiso, as well as working in culture-related enterprises, she moved to Germany in 2010. She completed her master´s degree in International Tourism Management and during this time she spent an academic semester in Guangzhou, China. 

She joins Jo on this podcast to talk about her experiences in being a researcher in a foreign country.

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After family time since December 2021, Ana has been working on her PhD which focuses on Cultural Landscapes and how the transformation of landscapes impact local communities as part of the PhD Programme Heritage Studies. 

Against many difficulties, she is trying to pursue her professional dreams and, hopefully, she will achieve them. She feels optimistic about this.

LinkedIn: /in/anabergholz/

Ana Bergholz

Which researcher – dead or alive – do you find inspiring? In the field of heritage studies, I find the work of Laurajane Smith very inspiring. I am also a big fan of researchers in the areas of philosophy and psychiatry. I am familiarized with the work of Alain de Botton, as well as, Gabor Mate, Marian Rojas Estape, and Mario Alonso Puig

What is your favorite animal and why? I like dogs because they are loyal. I also like hens because they will fight an eagle if necessary to protect their chickens and I find that amazing. I grew up surrounded by pets and I must say it is the best.

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