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How to build sustainable infrastructure for scholarly publishing

A conversation with Adam Hyde on sustainable and open-source infrastructure for scholarly publishing

Published onFeb 16, 2023
How to build sustainable infrastructure for scholarly publishing

Adam Hyde is the founder and Manager of the not-for-profit Coko Foundation (San Francisco). Coko develops open-source publishing systems primarily for, but not restricted to, scholarly communications. Coko has developed bespoke publishing systems for organisations including NCBI, HHMI, Caltech, The Organisation for Human Brain Mapping, eLife, the Open Education Network, as well as several community products. 

Adam joins Jo to discuss on how to build sustainable infrastructure.

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All projects are Open Source and most can be found at Most technologies are JavaScript (Node/React/Express/GraphQL) based. We have a staff of 40 people, a dozen+ part-time team members, and a general operating revenue of approximately $US 2 million.

Twitter: @CokoFoundation

Adam Hyde

Which researcher – dead or alive – do you find inspiring? Nikola Tesla

What is your favorite animal and why? Cats as I grew up with them

Name your (current) favorite song and interpret/group. Invisible Chatter - Pitch Black

Pitch Black - Invisible Chatter

What is your favorite dish/meal? Soparnik - yumyum

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