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Combining Conservation -, Visual – and Science Communication

A conversation with Abigail Dean

Published onMay 18, 2022
Combining Conservation -, Visual – and Science Communication

In today’s episode, Jo talks with Abigail Dean about her personal experience from working in the conservation and environmental research field to citizen science projects to web design and social media. Abigail shares her insights about the importance of being able to communicate research and science in a digestible way to the general public that doesn’t have a science background.

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Web design was not Abigail’s original path. Abigail Dean, the founder of Blue Fem Tech, earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Fish Wildlife and Conservation Biology from Colorado State University. After graduating, she earned a few dream internship positions. Abigail had the incredible opportunity to lead a citizen science project collecting sea turtle habitat data along the pacific coast of Mexico, then she worked on a marine wildlife rescue team on the Hawaiian island of Oahu. Working in the environmental field, Abigail started to observe a disconnect. She was working with incredible organizations that were providing crucial services to helping our planet, but they weren’t always connecting with the audience they needed support from. Abigail decided to start a blog to write about marine conservation and intentional living. After she taught herself how to build the website and started blogging, she realized she enjoyed the process of designing the site much more than writing for the blog. So she started helping people she knew who owned incredible businesses, but ineffective websites. The first person she helped was a captain of an ecotourism sailboat charter out of La Paz, Baja California Sur Mexico. Then she built a site for a non-profit yoga retreat business that raised money for sea turtle research and conservation. Over the past three years, Abigail has been helping organizations and small businesses improve the way they visually communicate with their audience and how they implement their online strategy.


Linkedin: abigaildeanb

Instagram: queenabigaildean  

Photo and photo credit: Abigail Dean

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